Tuesday, September 15, 2020

September 15--Self-Harmony

You are only afraid if you are not in harmony with yourself.  --Hermann Hesse

    As synchronicity would have it, I just did the Wholehearted Inventory on Brene Brown's website. The results give a very clear indication of what harmony and disharmony with oneself are:

Harmony vs. Disharmony:
Authenticity vs. concern for what others think
Self-compassion vs. perfectionism
Resilient spirit vs. numbing and powerlessness
Gratitude and joy vs. scarcity and fear
Creativity vs. comparison
Play and rest vs. exhaustion and productivity as self-worth
Calm and still vs. anxiety as a lifestyle
Meaningful work vs. self-doubt and "supposed to"
Laughter, song, dance vs. being cool and in control
Clear and committed values vs. undefined values

    As one who has done a lot of work in 60+ years on being in harmony with myself, I can say that it is a lot more fun and rewarding to hang out on the Harmony side. I am rarely afraid, to refer to Hesse's quote. 
    Looking at the Disharmony side, I would have to say that's where my mother lived. She set a strong example of self-disharmony for me, and I've worked hard to move to the Harmony side of life. This is one of those instances where a bad example can be a good thing. Finding harmony within myself has generated great compassion for my mother and her struggles. 
    Hanging on the Harmony side,

Alan Seeger Natural Area, Central Pennsylvania
One of my favorite spots on Planet Earth

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