Friday, September 18, 2020

September 18--Power-Balance-Healing

The power is in the balance: we are our injuries, as much as we are our successes.  --Barbara Kingsolver

    Everything I am today is a result of everything I've been through: ups, downs, injuries, successes, what I did, what I didn't do. I've learned from all of it, like it or not. There is a part of me that squirms as I say this, but I say it anyway: I wouldn't change any of it. All of life has been a healing journey of me with myself. 
    In yesterday's meditation (Sept 17) from the Center for Action and Contemplation, these words by Lama Rod Owens, a Black, queer, American-born, Tibetan Buddhist teacher, who was raised in the Christian church and graduated from Harvard Divinity School, spoke to me:
"Perhaps what I have come to understand, finally, is that somehow I have become the one I have always wanted. This is why I do the things that I do. There is a fierce love that wakes me up every morning, that makes me tell my stories, refuses to let me apologize for my being here, blesses me with the capacity to be silent, alone, and grieving when I most need to be. You have to understand that this is what I mean when I say healing."
    "Somehow I have become the one I have always wanted." What a mighty statement that is! It's evidence of the power referenced in the Kingsolver quote above. I hold in my heart that each of us may be able to make such a bold statement and truly feel it. 
    Loving humanity,

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