Monday, September 21, 2020

September 21--Time Well Spent?

The key question to keep asking is, Are you spending your time on the right things? Because time is all you have.  --Randy Pausch

    This key question is annoying me. I'm in the midst of several weeks of even more stay-at-home due to upcoming medical appointments. I go to the YMCA to swim and I play golf a couple times a week, otherwise I'm at home. I'm struggling. If I was spending time on the right things, I'd be traveling--visiting my sons in Colorado, driving back east to see my Miller family. Actually, I'd be in Spain right now. Alas, that trip went "down the drain" with all the Covid travel restrictions. 
    I can read, paint, crochet, and watch sports, all of which I enjoy, but I get weary of those. I do a good job keeping up with my hobby of napping. I enjoy "hang time" with my husband, who takes wonderful care of me. I love playing and snuggling with our dog Barney. I've done a lot of online learning over the past few months. I'm avoiding news and Facebook for now, as those only bring me down. I fully realize that, all things considered, I have it pretty good. I do consider myself a "home body," but even that has its limits.
    Alas, because time is all I have, at my age, I wonder how much time I'll have to spend on "the right things," especially traveling. It troubles me that I find myself wishing my life away, wanting to be somewhere else. Yesterday, my husband and I said to each other several times, "It's still Sunday, isn't it?" I don't like feeling bored, and I've been feeling that a lot. I know I'm not alone with these frustrations. 
    Monday is just beginning,

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