Sunday, April 2, 2023

April 2--Shop Till You Drop

Isn't "vegan butter" an oxymoron?  --Leta Miller

    I went with my son and grandson to Costco on Friday morning. My son was pushing Luca's stroller and I was woman-handling the large cart. I don't have a Costco membership, so going there with my son is an adventure. I am amazed at the bigness and all the stuff--consumerism at its finest. 
    As we were cruising around, I noticed a product called "vegan butter." Chasing my son and the stroller, I didn't have time to investigate it. Huh! I was raised in a family that worships real butter. My mother believed margarine was a Communist plot. The idea of some fake version shocked me. I'm sure it is a perfectly legitimate product, but it gave me a good quote for the blog 😉😉 
    I noted that even though the place was packed with shoppers, folks were polite and considerate in their movements. Check-out lines were long. No one seemed cranky--I received a lot of return smiles. Why can't we all get along that way outside Costco!?!?!
    Even though the place was packed, when we went to the vitamin section, it was nearly empty. The "junk food" sections seem much more appealing. I saw so many things I would love to eat, but recognized that the more appealing an item was, the less I needed it, for example, chocolate-covered mango slices. I know if I purchased a Costco membership for our home, that my husband and I would get a few good deals, yes, but we'd buy way too much stuff we don't need. 
    Less IS more.
Lots of stuff at Costco

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