Tuesday, February 8, 2022

February 8--Loving Love

To lose balance, sometimes, for love, is part of living a balanced life. 
--Elizabeth Gilbert

    In the big picture, I believe a "balanced life" includes every possible experience. So, yes, that would include losing one's balance for love. How limited life would be without the full range of emotions. We appreciate joy from experiencing sorrow. Living the highs and lows of life makes our time here a great adventure. 
    We the parents moved into our home, were married and had our first child in a fairly short time frame. It was definitely a time of balance lost for love. So much in such a short time, and our family and adult life were off and running. Yet it all felt like the right thing to do in a balanced life. And now our older son and his wife have repeated the pattern--in a new home, married and pregnant. For them it feels like a degree of chaos, but for us, the parents, it's all part of the balanced life wherein family goals are achieved and appreciated, and love continues to expand. 
    Loving love,

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