Tuesday, February 15, 2022

February 15--Adventure!

We love because it's the only true adventure.  --Nikki Giovanni

    No kidding! Random thoughts on my life's love adventure pulled up a few things... my family of origin was quite dysFUNctional (although one doesn't know it at the time), and I learned that love was food and love is quite conditional. Society taught me that if I wanted to find love, I had to be thin. So I lost weight and did find love. Having children brings on a whole new adventure in love. Though I had not received much unconditional love, I could certainly give it to my sons. With hopes of stopping the generational cycle of addiction (see dysFUNctional above), I began the love adventure of recovery in a 12-step program. That truly introduced me to unconditional love, and made me a much saner mother. Raising children can hardly be called anything but "adventure." I learned so much about myself and life through them. It was yet another adventure in love to set them free to find their way in the world, and for us parents to become empty-nesters. It has been wonderful for my husband and me to pursue our interests. Soon I will get to experience the love adventure of being a grandma. I can hardly wait! 
    Enjoying the ride, 

The Earth at Night, 
Astronomy Picture of the Day, 2/13/22

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