Saturday, March 6, 2021

March 6--How DO We Do It?

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life. 

    I've been pondering this one for a few hours. Let's look at "this thing called life." We come here, pure spiritual beings squeezed into a helpless body, which is then squeezed through a small opening in Mom, and we are thrust into a completely foreign world. We have no means of getting our needs met other than by making a lot of noise or being very cute. We have to figure out and teach ourselves how to get around like the giants around us. Our muscles and bones are not yet sturdy enough to support us. People around us are making assorted noises that we need to learn to decipher as speech. It's a great thing that we are like little sponges who learn quickly. All that is just the first few months!
    We have to learn to feed ourselves, use that weird contraption with water in it where we are supposed to pee and poop, share (dang it!), and recognize that there are others like us here. After a few short years to adapt, they send us off to school with others our age, and a whole 'nother set of learning starts. Meanwhile, we become aware of our peers and learn about friendship, bullying, what's cool, what's not cool, and we start to wonder how we fit into "this thing called life." 
    It doesn't get much easier. We have to support ourselves, so we get jobs, maybe get married and have a family, take on all sorts of adult responsibilities. Raising children is an extraordinary blessing and challenge at the same time. If we do a good job, they move out of the house and create successful lives on their own. Then we are empty-nesters, in a whole new realm of figuring out what to do with ourselves. Eventually, if we are "fortunate," we age, and as so many have said, getting old is not for sissies. 
    How can we possibly get through all this???!?! It is in the remembering that we are "dearly beloved." 
    So grateful for "this thing called life,"

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