Thursday, March 11, 2021

March 11--What Are You Putting Up With?

The first great rule of life is to put up with things.  --Baltasar Gracian

    Comically, the photograph in "Daily Peace" with this quote is of a glass of wine. I will admit that a bit of alcohol does help me put up with things sometimes. 
    We do put up with a lot of things to get through life... parents, children, work, bosses, strangers, friends, politicians, government, regulations, poor service, queues, delays, clutter, rudeness, pandemic, incompetence, nasty weather, even ourselves. Let's be honest--there are times when the best course of action with those we dearly love is to put up with them. It does not mean love has failed. Letting it all slide by without angst makes life flow much easier. When we can make constructive improvements in any of these things, fine, do it, but remember that one's inner peace is more valuable than any outside thing. 
    Successful "putting up with things" seems to me to be a short-term practice. Long-term tolerance begs the question of why one continues to put up with something like abuse, overwork, addiction, or bullying. Putting up with things can become a bad habit, devastating to one's life energy and soul. It takes effort to continually overlook nasty behavior. 
    I believe it a worthwhile exercise to investigate those things we are putting up with!

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