Thursday, August 6, 2020

August 6--Universe

The universe is true for all of us and different for each of us.  --Marcel Proust

     There are lots of possibilities with this one! Let's look at "universe" being the one whole all-encompassing life energy, what some refer to as God. It exists (is true) for all of us, but each of us has a different relationship with it. It would be challenging indeed for me to attempt to explain my relationship with the Universe. It is personal and part of the very essence of me, that which makes me unique. The same is true for you. 
     Next, there's the actual universe that surrounds planet Earth. It's there, but each of us sees it differently. The perspective for an astronomer is the world of science and figuring things out. For me, it's a place of mind-boggling awe, wonder and beauty. The astronaut sees it as a place to travel. 
     Finally, there's our own personal life--our day-to-day universe. It's populated with typical chores, routines, and generally, a small number of people. This personal universe, unlike the infinite one, does revolve around us. It's the life we've created where our infinite spirit ("true for all of us") expresses its uniqueness. No one else has the exact same personal universe as you have. 
     Wait, there's one more perspective. Let's consider "universe" to be free will. It is the very foundation of our existence on planet Earth. Free will is true for all of us, no matter what appearances may be. The choices we make with that free will, however, are different for each of us. And you may have noticed that folks don't care for other folks messing with their free will. 
     It is truly a blessing that the universe is different for each of us. I close with an affirmation from Dr. Chris Michaels: I am not living in the universe; the Universe is living in me. 
     Made of star-stuff,

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