Monday, August 3, 2020

August 3--Lovin' Life

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year. 
--Ralph Waldo Emerson

     "Best day yet!" This is a consistent reply from a 90-something gentleman when asked how he was doing. I read this a few years back, and practice applying this to my life each day. A friend chastised me recently for using a Christmas mug in July, to which I replied, "Every day is Christmas." Each extra day alive is a gift. 
     There is a "best day" gift in the routine of life. Familiarity with family and friends, doing the usual self-care tasks, household chores, work, exercise--all these contribute to a comfortable existence. There is some welcome security in the familiar. 
     There is a "best day" gift in the unusual in life, too. Travel, special occasions such as holidays, birthdays or anniversaries, guests visiting, or exploring a new place or skill--all these add to life's richness and break up the potential "rut" of the everyday routine.
     I like to remind myself often that when I get into "have to" mode, I must revise that to "get to." Truly, I don't have to do anything. Every action is my choice, so I get to do it. "Get to" makes even onerous tasks like house-cleaning more tolerable. I remind myself that there were times when I was not able to clean my house due to physical pain. I also get to enjoy the rewards of my efforts. 
     I've seen lots of comical social media posts about how much 2020 has been a huge disappointment. It makes all the changes, upheaval and election mess we are experiencing much easier to bear if we can think of each day as the best in the year so far. I don't care to write off a whole year of my precious life as having completely sucked. 
     Is today your best day yet?

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