Tuesday, August 25, 2020

August 25--Let Go

Let go of the battle. Breathe quietly and let it be. Let your body relax and your heart soften.  --Jack Kornfield

    Over the past few months, I have intensified my efforts at self-healing. I just completed some Step 5 writing ("Admitted to God, to ourselves and another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.") and sent it off to a trusted advisor. Having just done that, I turned to this blog writing, and noted with pleasing wonder the synchronicity of the day's quote. While it's not an easy thing to let go of some messy past stuff, the battle is over. I'm more relaxed, and yes, my heart is much softer. I know my advisor will look on this with compassion and help me finish any processing necessary to completely let it go and forgive myself. I feel lighter already. 
    Are there any battles you are willing to let go? Let your heart's inner wisdom, guidance and courage lead you. 
    Freedom is priceless, 

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