Friday, August 14, 2020

August 14--FUN!

Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to play and to look at the stars.  --Henry Van Dyke

    Can you read that quote without smiling? Check out my August 12 post regarding looking at the stars. 

    I've had a lifetime of love. Despite the dysfunctional chaos of my first couple of decades, I do believe my parents loved me very much. Having much older brothers, I have had nieces and nephews from the time I was eight years old, and we have close, loving relationships to this day. Having survived the rocky teenage and college years with our two sons, we now are very close. I still adore my husband of 34 years. My husband's and my extended families are great. I have been blessed with many friends as I have made my way through life. I have had an extraordinary chance to love, and to be a presence of love on planet Earth.

    I've had a lifetime of play. One of my favorite memories of childhood was going on adventures with my dad. If I wasn't in school, I was in the lumber truck with him making deliveries around central Pennsylvania. The big treat of all those adventures was that we always "happened" to end the day at an ice cream stand. Getting to help care for the aforementioned nephews and nieces gave me the opportunity to play a lot. College and grad school were crazy fun, and yes, I did get my degrees. Two of my favorite "play" activities that I passed on to my sons are the love of reading and golf. I read aloud to the boys nearly every night until, in their deep, changed voices, they said, "Mom, please stop reading to us." (I'm only partially joking there.) I also got them going on golf, and for all of us, it is one of life's favorites for us to play together. We laugh a lot! Once we became empty-nesters, I had to learn new forms of play. Learning, becoming an instructor of Melt Method and yoga, assorted crafts, lots more golf, and travel have fit the bill. 

    I am VERY glad of life!

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