Wednesday, April 1, 2020

April 1 and Free!

     I finished, at least for the month of April, my annual tax prep job yesterday, March 31.  March, I'd say, was a very forgettable month. Now it's April, and I've gone overnight from working full-time to staying at home. With loads of time on my hands, I am committing to daily blogs inspired by the "Daily Peace" book. The theme of the month of April is "strength," very appropriate. 

     April 1: Be truthful, gentle, and fearless. --Mahatma Gandhi

     Already this morning, I've felt the need to send a truthful, gentle, and fearless email speaking my mind about a situation that I believe is being handled poorly, even dangerously, in our current environment.
     My husband and I joke about going places... "I'm going into the bedroom now." "I'm heading downstairs for a while." Big adventures! Walking the dog and gardening are the primary outdoors fun for now. There is great gentleness in humor, and in appreciating the simple things in life such as birdsong, sunshine, warm temperatures, and naps. YES! I can return to my favorite daily hobby, napping.
     Somebody really famous said, "Fear not." That's easier said than done, but certainly a worthy effort in this uncertain time. I've purposely kept myself clear of the stock market news, as financial fear is a "rabbit hole" I cannot afford to get near (pun intended) for my sanity.
     Being truthful, I don't know how I'm going to handle this big change from working full-time to staying at home. Sometimes I'll be bored to death. Sometimes I'll be angry. Sometimes I'll be willing to kill for a margarita in a Mexican restaurant, just kidding. I will remember those incredibly valuable words, "this, too, shall pass." There's no "normal" anymore. So truthfully, I'll take it a day at a time, and see how this April of writing and quarantining unfolds.
     Stay strong!

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