Tuesday, April 21, 2020

April 21--Letting Go

Some of us think holding on makes us strong--but sometimes it is letting go. 
--Hermann Hesse

     Thirty-three years ago today, I had the challenge and joy of letting go of our first-born, a son whom we named Derek. Obviously, one has to let go for birth. But raising a child, or two in our case, is a continual process of letting go. From releasing their hands to take the first solo step, to moving them off to college, to freeing them to live and learn as independent adults, every bit has strengthened me.
     For years I held on to an active addiction. It was not until I was willing to let go of my drug of choice that I learned a successful way to live and began to experience the life-power I was born with.
     I was raised by the poster child for control freaks, extreme desire to control, i.e., hold on, being one of the symptoms of addiction. I learned well by example. Fortunately, guided by many a spiritual mentor, I learned to release the desire to control people, places and circumstances. It is certainly an ongoing practice. It is so empowering to be free of the need to bend others to my will.
     I believe our whole lives are one long letting-go process, ending in the ultimate release of death. We can resist, which weakens us, or allow, which strengthens us. The path of peace is one of letting go.

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