Thursday, April 30, 2020

April 30--Soul Delight

There is nothing the body suffers that the soul may not profit by. --George Meredith

     We learn from all our physical experiences here in earthly life. There is good in every circumstance, though sometimes we have to search long and hard to find it.
     I'm in the mood for a goofy story. I am of the age where cataracts are a common issue among my friends and me. I had one removed from my right eye about three years ago. I "suffered" difficult night driving for a few years before I finally had the surgery. There is an eye surgeon in town who is well-known in part because he is extraordinarily good-looking. Those of us who have been to him for procedures refer to him appreciatively as Dr. Eye Candy. Unlike most doctor visits for me, going to see him was no trouble at all--it made my soul quite happy. No actual names will be mentioned here. If you've been to Dr. Eye Candy, you know it.
     This is just a gentle reminder to not take life too seriously.
     Happy soul,

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