Monday, April 6, 2020

April 6--Truth

Always go too far, because that's where you'll find the truth. --Albert Camus

     I'm not sure I get this quote. Keep pushing, seeking, searching until you find the truth? In any case, I have some thoughts relative to truth.
     A key point I remember from many hours of teaching by Dr. Chris Michaels is that the truth will always come out. It may take some time, it may be an uncomfortable process, but the truth always wins.
     The big thing that bubbles up for me relative to the word "truth" is that many folks live with a very strong conviction that because they believe something, it is the Truth. We all have our beliefs, and let's be honest, they could all be totally off-base relative to the Truth. One example is slavery. There was a time when people believed that such a practice was right and true. Then our human consciousness evolved beyond that "truth." We are (please, dear God) moving past the belief, some would say truth, that LGBTQ folks are inherently "less than" straight folks. Any prejudiced belief can be flung out as "truth," but love will always ultimately win over the falsehood of that belief. We need look no further than myriad modern-day religions, each with its own set of beliefs, claiming "we have the Truth and you don't."
     Switching gears, how is stay-at-home life going? The truth is, quite well. Squirrel! What a common creature, so much so that we rarely pay attention to them. While walking at Sedgwick County Park yesterday morning, my husband, dog and I saw a white squirrel. Not albino, just mostly white. How very interesting nature can be! Later in the day, I got outside and washed my car, a much-needed chore completed on a lovely spring afternoon. I also sewed a face mask for my husband...

He said, "The weirder the better," so there you have it--the Tasmanian Devil, which I jokingly said will probably keep all the other "elderly" folks away from him at the grocery store.
     Let's not take ourselves (and our truth) too seriously.

If our truth does not set us free, it is not truth at all. --Richard Rohr

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