Saturday, April 4, 2020

April 4--Baby Steps

You can, you should--and if you're brave enough to start, you will. --Stephen King

     Let's just get this out of the way--I don't care for the word "should." So let's agree to just overlook that personal annoyance, should you share it (ha!ha!).
     Because I had visited the place and love it so much, my son gave me a puzzle a couple of years ago of Falling Water, the magnificent Frank Lloyd Wright home in the boondocks of southwestern Pennsylvania. It's a unique two-sided puzzle with a photo of the home on one side and the blueprint of the home on the other. I'm working on the photo side. I'm not really a huge fan of puzzles, but with some extra time on my hands, I figure "why not?" 500 pieces. It's daunting. But I was brave enough to start it last evening, and alas, I know I'm hooked, because I'm a pit-bull about completing things like that. So I will.
     I'm guessing that Mr. King may have been encouraging would-be writers to get going and get that book from the inside to the outside. I've done that twice, and I will say that there is some bravery involved in a) sticking with the process--you have to write consistently if you want to create a book, and b) putting yourself out to the world with your creation. This applies to art, music, crafts, whatever creative medium one chooses.
     I have a dear friend who lived in Chicago and dreamed of living in Bali, a country he had visited several times. I encouraged him to start determining what "baby steps" would get him closer to his goal. He was brave enough to start the process, take those steps, and now he is loving life as a resident of Bali.
     We don't have to be able to see Emerald City to be able to take one step on the Yellow Brick Road. Go for it!
      The Brave Broad,

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