Wednesday, May 3, 2023

May 3--Understanding Creates Community

In time we often become one with those we once failed to understand. 
--Patti Smith

    I said often to our (usually upset with me) teenage sons, "You won't understand why we do what we do until you get married or have children of your own." While that didn't make them any happier, it was the truth. Now that our older son has a son of his own, much has become clearer. "OH, I get it now." 
    I also find this quote manifesting in my MELT and yoga teaching. As I get older and experience more assorted aches and/or injuries, I'm learning ways that sore bodies move or don't move and how to adapt my teaching to support a more comfortable practice for all. 
    Understanding is a great thing.
We need all of us to make our colorful world!

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