Wednesday, May 24, 2023

May 24--Kindness Starts with Me

You can either practice being right or practice being kind.  --Anne Lamott

    I do enjoy being right, I must admit. Being right, however, doesn't always feel good, but being kind does. I have little difficulty being kind to others, but being kind to myself can be another issue. 
    I should do this, I shouldn't do that. My ego wants right; my soul wants kind. Let's use this week's house cleaning for example. I generally clean when my spouse is away for a couple days in a 3-4 hour marathon effort, leaving me cranky and sore. This week I have decided to do bits of cleaning when he is away for a few hours here and there. This is a much kinder-to-me approach. "Right" would be to get it all shiny clean at one time (which lasts about 10 minutes with a dog). "Kind" is to get it done at a pace that satisfies me and works for me physically. 
    Even kinder would be to hire a cleaning service. Someday!

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