Monday, February 8, 2021

February 8--Grateful for Grace

It is the nature of grace to fill the places that have been empty.  --Goethe

    This is a powerful truth for which I am ever so grateful. Grace is a mighty leader, if we will allow her to lead us. I spent many years of my life trying to fill the places that were empty in me with food. I'm here to tell you...that does not work. I knew overeating was a symptom, not the real problem. Reaching for help and recovery brought me the understanding of my empty places--that was and is grace in action.
    I've been around a lot of addicts in my life, primarily those seeking recovery. I've seen all manner of empty places: broken relationships, poor health, low self-esteem, resentments, emotional shut-down, fearfulness and paranoia, loneliness, self-destruction and suffering. It is the willingness to allow grace to change us that makes all the difference. Misery loves company, but so does grace.
    One of my favorite instances lately of grace is the arrival in our lives of our angel dog, Barney. We wanted a rescue, one that at least looked similar to a Golden Retriever. We were in no hurry. Grace provided us a friend who volunteers with a rescue organization. When Barney was turned over to them, very ill, my friend alerted us. He was treated, recovered, and became ours just a couple months before the pandemic hit hard. I guess we didn't know how empty our doggie space was, but it is full to overflowing now with love and joy. It is an outstanding amount of grace to have another presence to love in our home. (Barney's photo is on yesterday's post.)
    Willing for grace,

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