Sunday, February 14, 2021

February 14--A Flexible Heart

Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken. 
--St. Francis de Sales

    It seems to me that there is a mighty fine line between a bent heart and a broken one, and there's a very slippery substance on that line. Tears and snot? 
    My heart is definitely bent now. I learned yesterday that my brother and his wife were both in the hospital for a time this past week. Both have multiple serious health issues, and it is becoming increasingly untenable for them to continue to live on their own. This is creating great stress for their children who live nearby. It is all very much a heart-bender. I'm in Kansas, they are in Ohio, and due to the pandemic, it has been much too long a time since I have visited them. We do talk often, but that's not the same. Things are such that a phone call announcing the transition of either or both would not surprise me, but it would certainly push me over that slippery line into "broken heart," at least for a time.
    Let's look at today's quote more generally. If we can take things in that rough up the heart, feel the feelings, recognize such things as a part of life, and keep faith that Something Bigger is in charge, then we do have a flexible heart that can bend. Flexibility, the ability to bounce back, is key. We grieve and move on. Getting stuck, holding on to pain, hurt, anger, resentment--this leads to heartbreak. As humans, we will most likely feel times of heart-bend and heart-break--it's simply part of the emotional gamut we signed up for in choosing to be here. I'm guessing that a review of the past year of your life will point out both bends and breaks. I thank Something Bigger for the infinite flow of love moving through our hearts and sustaining us. 

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