Saturday, February 6, 2021

February 6--Follow-up from Yesterday

When you learn your lessons, the pain goes away.  --Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

    Yesterday's blog was all about the usefulness of pain, and what we can learn from the assorted pains we experience through a lifetime. Yes, as I learned the lessons from the pains, the pains went away. I believe it is helpful to have a simple memory of the pain to remind us of the lessons we've learned. Those memories can keep us from repeating unnecessary pain-causing actions. Also note that if we hold onto the pain via resentment, anger, conflict, stubbornness, or any other strong emotion, the pain doesn't go away. It festers. 
    I've been asked many times if I wish I had had my hip replacement surgery sooner, given the excellent result of now living and moving pain-free. My reply is that I just don't think I was ready. There were lessons to be learned, and I'm even now still figuring those out. Certainly there was plenty of fear--it's a major surgery, after all--and it turned out that the fear was what fear often is... false evidence appearing real. I guess I also released some unconscious need to suffer. That one just came to me and deserves some additional introspection. Hmmmm....
    Always learning,

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