Thursday, February 25, 2021

February 25--Let Light In

The wound is the place where light enters you.  --Rumi

    Here's an example. I had an actual wound when I had my hip joint replaced. It's a lovely, well-healed line on the front left side of my body. Much "light" has entered since that surgery. I feel like I have a new body. I'm much lighter on my feet because walking is now pain-free. I have been astounded to learn how much mental energy I was devoting to the ache and instability of that damaged hip. I feel more refreshed in the morning because I am able to sleep well. I am very empathetic regarding the plight of chronic pain. I am extraordinarily grateful that I finally became ready for the surgery and had it done. 
    Then there are the mental, emotional and psychological wounds. We all have them. Each one gives us a choice to heal, i.e., let the light in, or to hang on, let it fester into resentments and other emotional clouds that block the light. 
    I like having the choice for light. 

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