Saturday, February 13, 2021

February 13--The Heart Is Right

When the heart is right, the mind and body will follow.  --Coretta Scott King

    I believe the heart is always right. It is our innate state. We are born with the perfect inner guidance of our hearts. It is the "hard-wired" connection to the All-That-Is that sustains us through each earthly life adventure. 
    Being raised in the U.S. culture, we are generally taught that the head is more valid than the heart. I'm figuring this is because all those heart-felt feelings make those raising us quite uncomfortable. When the head takes over, all manner of messes can arise--violence, greed, corruption, us vs. them, resentments, vengeance, racism--the list is endless. 
    It is no small challenge to buck the current and live in touch with one's heart wisdom, allowing the mind and body to follow it. Like all skills, it is one improved by daily practice. It takes time, quiet attention, and listening. (Check out the Jan. 24 post and its reference to Heartmath.) Sometimes, when pressed for a too-soon decision, I've learned that it's OK and wise to say, "I don't have my guidance yet." The grace involved in following one's heart feels good, feels right, and makes it comfortable for the mind and body to follow. 
    Loving my heart,
Couldn't resist this one! JOY!

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