Saturday, November 28, 2020

November 28--Send 'Em Away Happy

Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.  --Mother Teresa

    What a great way to spread kindness... for every single person we encounter, do something that makes them happier. That may simply be a smile and friendly greeting, a hug, or words of appreciation or encouragement. Ask if they could use some help and provide that help. Folks need to be heard, so listening is a very loving skill. Surprise a friend with a gift without an occasion. Acknowledge birthdays. Say "I love you" a lot to those most dear to your heart.
    Having had our dog Barney for almost a year, we have on our many walks come to know other dogs and owners in our neighborhood. There is a comical phenomenon with dog owners--we learn the other dog's name, say "Cooper," and the owner becomes "Cooper's dad." We don't actually learn the owner's name. I'm "Barney's mom." (Dean Koontz, very famous author, describes this phenomenon in his book about his dog, Trixie. I highly recommend the book, "A Big Little Life.") Dog owners share their joy in each of these encounters, the dogs usually sniff each other as dogs do, and everyone moves along happier. 
    We have been blessed in this odd year of 2020 to have the opportunity to recognize and really appreciate the simple pleasures of life. The random encounter with neighbors that we used to take for granted are now a precious chance to greet another human outside the home. Sending hand-written notes has become, for me, more of a treat than an obligation. Receiving them is an even greater treat. I am profoundly grateful for the technology that enables me to connect with so many friends and loved ones online--an excellent way to leave all participants happier. 
    Spreading love leaves both the giver and receiver feeling better. Good stuff!

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