Thursday, November 19, 2020

November 19--All Kinds of Beauty

Beauty is a light in the heart.  --Kahlil Gibran

    We are blessed with all kinds of beauty. I have been fortunate to enjoy many varieties in my 65 years and travels around our magnificent planet. There is great art which we see in museums, my favorite places so far being the Art Institute in Chicago and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The most beautiful work of art I have ever seen is the statue of David by Michelangelo in Florence, Italy. It is mesmerizing in its perfection and definitely lights up my heart. 
    The natural beauty of planet Earth is astounding in its variety--the Rocky Mountains, the Flint Hills' rolling prairie, our national parks, Niagara Falls, Tuscany, the fjords of Norway, tropical beaches, my home state of Pennsylvania--infinite possibilities. One could easily spend a lifetime devoted to exploring the beauty of our home sphere. 
    Then there is the beauty within each and every single human being, no matter how an individual may look or behave. Spirit is within each of us, and Spirit is only beauty. Each one of us has that Spirit-given light in the heart. 
    Finally I consider the beauty of daily life--living simply, in integrity, enjoying one's activities and relationships, and caring for oneself and others. My husband and I are currently creating beauty in our garage. Yes, you read that correctly. In the all-events-cancelled 2020, we had finally become so desperate for something to do that we have tackled the garage. We've lived in our house for 35 years, and the garage walls have been unfinished the entire time. My husband proposed the idea of fixing it up to be a semi-outdoor hanging place where we can be "outside" in the wintertime and get some fresh air. The prospect of a much-needed clearing in the garage and shed made me game to tackle the project. A trunk-load of stuff went to the hazardous waste collection site. Lots of trash has been carried off by Ballinger Trash Service. Remaining items have been reorganized into smaller spaces. My husband will soon have a more organized and well-lit work space to do his bicycle maintenance projects. So far, the back wall is painted bright green and the side walls are blue. It is beautiful and the sense of accomplishment does light up our hearts. I'm most excited about the blank wall space we now have where I can hang my barn quilts or other pieces of art. We have comfy chairs to relax in and enjoy our efforts. 
    Beauty truly is everywhere--let us open our eyes and hearts.

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