Tuesday, November 24, 2020

November 24--Whole Heart

The dedicated life is the life worth living. You must give with your whole heart. 
--Annie Dillard

    I think it would be great if we all paid more attention to what we really want to be doing, and saying a gentle but firm "no" when the request is not something wherein we can engage the whole heart. Spiritual teacher Edwene Gaines wisely stated, "If you are doing something you don't really want to be doing, you are doing someone else's job." Others can easily tell a half-hearted effort because we give off "I don't want to be here doing this" vibes. That situation serves no one, and often leads to resentment. 
    I do a variety of things in my working life, and I love them all. It's easy to give with my whole heart. I've learned through trial and error and many years of living when it's best for me to say "no." Years ago a friend called to ask me to help with Vacation Bible School. She knew me well enough to know my answer, but called anyway. I said, "NO! You know I don't like children!" I'm just not a kid person, and if I had agreed, I'd have been uncomfortable the whole time, which would have been no fun for the kids either. 
    The better we know ourselves, the more able we are to give with whole-heart dedication.
    Practicing life,

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