Sunday, June 7, 2020

June 7--Love and Fear

We can't go back. We can only go forward. --Libba Bray

     Many wise souls have indicated that there are really just two emotions, love and fear. Love moves us forward. Fear attempts to move us backward, away from the unknown of the future, but since we can't go back, fear can never succeed. We need only witness our current political environment wherein fear is being used mercilessly to drive people into the desire for "the good old days," an unreachable fantasy world. So afraid are some people that they believe the myriad lies and continue to suffer in their ignorance. It's both sad and sickening at the same time.
     My 33-year-old son and I were talking recently about how exciting it is to be alive at this chaotic time. I'm nearly twice his age, so we have had different life experiences, but we are both holding fast to the Bray quote above, excited to see what births from the current state wherein the old energy is dying hard, kicking and screaming. By old energy, I'm talking about the patriarchy, racism, inequality, abuse of women, children and the planet, and so on. The old ways aren't working any more, and thank the heavens, we can't go back. I am excited to see the changes brought about by my sons' generation and beyond. That may be in this lifetime; may be in the next.
     Following June's theme of forgiveness, holding a grudge or resentment is an attempt to go back, wishing the circumstances could be changed. Of course, that's impossible. Forgiveness is the path forward. The sooner we forgive, the sooner forward progress begins again.
     Love is the only power,

P.S. Moving forward... barn quilt #3 completed.

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