Monday, June 27, 2016

Whole 30: Days 25-27

     I did it--first time ever--went to a major league baseball game and did not have a beer. I went to a Royals game as well as doing other stuff in the Kansas City area (a 3-hour drive from home), and packed my food for the whole day in a cooler. I ate my lunch in the parking lot before the game, my own little tail-gater. Fortunately, it was not a terribly hot day--that would have made beer-resistance much harder. I also scored quite a few W30-compliant food items at Trader Joe's at reasonable prices. I wish we had that store in Wichita!
     I stress again how valuable it has been to plan 3-4 days ahead what I'm going to eat. This will help me stay close to the W30 plan after day 30. And two big sources of sugar in my past--Clif Bars (almost daily) and salad dressing (several salads a week), have been replaced by W30 foods that I like much better.

Day 25: B: HFVJ, 1 banana, blackberries
             L: green salad w salmon & pecans
             D: shepherd's pie, cherries
Day 26: (game day)
             B: HFVJ, 2 sausage patties
             L: chicken salad, cherries
             D: cashews & macadamia nuts, 1 apple w cashew butter
Day 27: B: HFVJ, 2 eggs, 2 strips bacon, sw potato, cooked in ghee
             L: green salad, mango
             D: shepherd's pie, applesauce

     I'm passing up a dinner outing this week on Day 30, as I checked the menu and there's nothing there that I can hope to adjust to fit W30, and I'm NOT blowing it on the last day! I am however, going to a musical event this week that encourages picnic suppers, and that's easy for me by now.
     Three days to really has gone by quickly. And I feel SO great!
         Whole & healthy,

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