Sunday, June 12, 2016

Whole 30: Days 10-12

     I heard myself say on Day 10, "I didn't know it was possible to feel this good again." That's from being on W30. And, now that I know for sure, I report that I have had a case of shingles the entire time I've been on W30. So no matter how good the change of eating feels, I still have something going on that does not feel good. Fortunately, it's a mild case. I'm very curious about the timing of these two events (W30 & shingles), part of my body's cleansing process? I'll likely never know. Imagine how good W30 eating and no shingles will feel!

     Also, in the words-you-use-to-describe-something-matters category... I at last found "bacon" that is uncured and has no sugar in it. This product is known (at least around here) as "fresh pork ends." Sliced like bacon, looks like bacon, not "bacon." I haven't cooked it yet, will report when I do.

Day 10: B: HFVJ, pecans
              L: sweet potato, 2 eggs/ghee
              D: chicken/veggie stir fry in lettuce wraps, Sunshine Sauce, cherries
Day 11: B: HFVJ, apple w cashew butter
              L: berries, 1 hard-boiled egg, pecans (our electricity was out!)
              D: tuna salad, cucumber slices**
Day 12: B: HFVJ
              L: sweet potato, 2 eggs/ghee
              D: ground beef patty, broccoli, Sunshine Sauce

     ** This was my first time eating away from home since I've been on W30. I took this as a picnic supper to the Symphony in the Flint Hills. It worked great. It was a hot day where they were serving one of my favorite beers, so that was challenging. But I made it through just fine.
     Another key point relative to how good I feel... I noticed when I was walking a couple of days ago that my hips were swinging when I walked, like they are supposed to. My left hip had been achy for so long, and so "frozen," that I hadn't realized my hips weren't moving normally. What a treat to feel that natural movement again, without ache or pain! Now if the shingles will just go away!
     With the next report, I'll be HALF-way!!!!

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