Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Whole 30: Days 13-15

     I'm half-way there!!! I feel great! I must admit that I am very tired of salad, so I need to get creative and come up with some different simple lunches. My sweet husband has been very supportive, and I am super-appreciative of that since he does a lot of our cooking. Planning meals in 3-day sets is working well.
    Wow, I'm learning how much money I spent on beer! Probably about $50 per month, and that's just a one-beer-a-day habit. I've been spending unused beer money on golf, a much healthier habit. However, don't get the idea I'm giving up beer! I'm headed to Ireland in July and I'll definitely have beer there!
     Today (Day 15), I swam laps, taught yoga, and played 9 holes of golf. Despite all that activity, my hip doesn't hurt at all. That is so huge, and a great motivator.

Day 13: B: Cashews, HFVJ (home-made fruit vegetable juice)
             L: Salad w applesauce dressing, olives, raspberries
             D: Chicken salad, lettuce (for wraps), apple
Day 14: B: HFVJ, sweet potato, 2 eggs/ghee, applesauce
             L: chicken salad, apple w cashew butter
             D: pork chop, asparagus
Day 15: B: HFVJ, cashews & macadamia nuts
             L: salad/applesauce dressing, olives, raspberries & banana
             D: tomato-based potato soup

      Reaching half-way is a big milestone, and I expect the last 15 days will zoom by.
      Celebrating health,

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