Thursday, June 9, 2016

Whole 30: Days 7-9

     I've hit the "I'm not hungry" point, I believe because I'm simply bored with all the W30-compliant foods I have around the house, of which there truly is quite a variety. My food addiction is rearing its ugly head in the form of "this or that would be way more fun to eat." W30 talks about craving vs. hunger, asking "Am I hungry enough to eat ________ (something dull like steamed fish and brussels spouts)?" If my answer is no, it's not hunger, it's a craving. Craving it is. Reminder to self: cravings and boredom won't kill me.
     There was a great quote by Hesiod in my daily reading: "If you add a little to a little, and then do it again, soon that little shall be much." One meal at a time...
    Day 7: B: macadamia nuts, HFVJ
                L: guacamole, veggies, almond butter on celery sticks
                D: ground beef sauted w asst'd veggies & potato, in tomato sauce, cherries
    Day 8: B: 3 eggs/ghee, HFVJ
                L: macadamia nuts, berries
                D: chicken/veggie/cashew stir fry w Sunshine Sauce (W30 recipe)
    Day 9: B: sweet potato/ghee, HFVJ
                L: veggie/olive salad, apple w cashew butter
                D: ground beef sauted w asst'd veggies & potato, in tomato sauce

    Key points: I am sleeping much better. Night sweats are lessening, and I've not had the nights with a couple hours lying awake which I had often before starting W30. I did, as anticipated from reading the W30 book, have my first food dream, this one about pigging out on a donut (which I rarely eat anyway!). Freaked me out till I became conscious!
    Also, I have almost NO hip ache anymore, which is outstanding. The chronic hip ache was one of my main motivators in doing W30--while chiropractic and massage were improving it, I believe there is a food-related component (inflammation), and that appears to be the case. No doubt more shall be revealed. And I'm finding that my skin doesn't look or feel as dry.
     I am blessed to have a great group of friends who have agreed to support me on this adventure. I am grateful!
     On to Day 10...

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