Tuesday, April 30, 2024

April 30--Between a Rock and a Bone Spur

We do not need to go out and find love; rather, we need to be still and let love discover us.  --John O'Donohue

    This is another story in my long history of distrust and dissatisfaction with our current state of health care. I avoid going to the doctor as much as possible. Alas, with a lumpy annoyance on the top of my left foot, I decided to get it checked out. Long story short, x-rays show that I have a tiny bone spur with swelling in the soft tissue surrounding it. This is common "with age." (That is the surest way to irritate me--write something off to "at your age.") With this diagnosis, there are three alternatives: 1) keep doing what I'm doing and live with the irritation; 2) stop all activity and keep the foot elevated and use ice and over-the-counter pain meds to reduce the swelling; and 3) surgery. The doctor recommended option #2. I kid you not--he told a very active, healthy 68-year-old to sit around and do nothing, knowing full well that would not make the bone spur disappear. This very active, healthy 68-year-old is going with option #1, especially after seeing what option #2 did to my recently-deceased brother. 
    At least this doctor visit used up the rest of my Medicare deductible for 2024!

Our feet are amazing!

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