Thursday, December 28, 2017

No Matter What

This is a "Note from the Universe" by Mike Dooley:
The path to enlightenment is not a path at all; it's actually a metaphor for the time it takes for you to allow yourself to be happy with who you already are, where you already are, and what you already have... no matter what. The "no matter what" part is big.
This is a challenge for me. I am generally happy with myself and what I have (plenty!), but the where-I-am part... I get into these funks where I just say, "Why bother?" It seems that most of the results of my efforts are average, mediocre, nothing spectacular, no matter how much effort I put into it. For instance, I put a full year of my life into writing and publishing a book, and in total I've sold less than 100 copies. I haven't even broken even on my costs. Why bother?
     I am well aware that this is self-defeating thinking. Sometimes I just don't have the energy to sustain a change in my thoughts. I also realize that I can't simply sit back and do absolutely nothing in life. It's an uncomfortable place to be. However, I know, mercifully, that "this, too, shall pass."
     Moving forward,


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