Monday, December 18, 2017

Grace Reborn

     As I was walking yesterday at Sedgwick County Park, I was listening to Rob Bell's Podcast #176 with guest, Alexander Shaia, wherein they were discussing the "Mythic Power of Christmas." It is a very informative podcast about how our present-day Christmas traditions developed.
     As is usually the case with the Robcast I choose, it was just "what the doctor ordered." Mr. Shaia talks about darkness (as in the shorter days of winter AND the dark times in life) as being the place where grace is reborn. That brought me great comfort. As you can see from the past couple of posts, there has been much darkness surrounding me the past couple of weeks, including two unexpected transitions.
     Just as a human fetus takes time in the womb to develop, I feel like I have a tiny seed of grace to nurture in myself, and it will continue to grow and ultimately bring even more light within me. I'm holding on to that comforting thought, as I hold those who are suffering near and dear to my heart.
     Love and grace,

P.S. During my walk, I was delighted to discover this very unusual squirrel at the park. Being no nature expert, I'm not sure if this is albino or what? It sure stands out among the gray squirrels. I had fun playing with it to get this photo.

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