Thursday, December 21, 2017

Finishing Up

     I just finished my last regular Tues/Thur Forrest Yoga class at the Wichita Body Studio. Ending this regular class schedule after more than four years was my choice. While I enjoyed my time there, the decision to stop the classes feels right to me. 
     I simply want to say "thank you!" to my students, especially those who came faithfully over those 4+ years. It has been a great honor to get to know you and to support you in your physical and spiritual journey. I have been hugely blessed by your presence, and I have learned so much from teaching yoga these past few years. And we shared much blessed laughter!
     I truly appreciate all the gifts showered upon me by my students. Your kindness is exceptional. 
     My prayer is that the yoga community continues to grow, bringing the principles of the eight-limb path of yoga to bear on our world, especially peace. 
     I'll be in touch!
         With overflowing love,

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