Thursday, December 7, 2017

Everything Has a Lifespan

     Note the title of this post. That statement can inspire good, bad or neutral feelings.
     This week, on Tuesday and today, I had the unpleasant task of announcing to my Tues/Thur Body Studio yoga class students that Dec. 21 will be my last time teaching weekly classes there. There were tears (mine and students'), and we all were bummed. Even though this move is my choice (and a decision considered for many months), there is still a grieving process I must pass through. I've been teaching on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for over four years. It will be quite a change to stop that.
     Alas, emotional upheaval like this for this addict makes me want to eat the entire universe. I am attempting to cope in a more productive fashion by writing. In addition, my husband is on a trip to visit a many-decades friend who is being treated for a very serious case of cancer. I am happy he is able to make the trip, but the concern for our friend is heavy on my heart. I swam this morning, which usually improves my mood significantly, but my heart (and body) couldn't even get into that.
     I am well aware that there is infinitely more for me to be grateful for and celebrate than there are downers in my life. I feel confident that there will be an end to my grieving, so for now, I'll just let myself feel the low feelings. Fortunately, there's plenty of food at home, so that I can stay away from the grocery store today! And I remember one of my favorite recovery phrases, "This, too, shall pass."
     On the way back up,

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