Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 in Review

     I just went through my Win List for 2017, an annual review that I love doing as a reminder of how awesome my life is, and how it continues to get even better.

  • Health: I recovered early in the year from pneumonia, and unlike last Christmas, I was healthy & well for Christmas 2017. I had successful cataract surgery in May, enabling me once again to drive in the dark comfortably.
  • Creativity: The BIGGIE--I published my second book, WHOA!, via createspace. A year's work went live on Amazon in October. Visual art became a fixture in my life for the first time, inspired by a Paint the Town adventure with girlfriends where I learned how paintings "happen." It was a game-changer. I subsequently did Zentangle drawings for my book, and took an acrylics painting class in the fall, and set up a dedicated painting area in the woman cave. I also started a three-person writer support group. 
  • Milestones: I passed 1,000 hours of yoga teaching. For the 20th year in a row, I swam over 100 miles/year. Dennis & I celebrated our 31st anniversary. I signed up for Social Security!!!!!!!! I ended my yoga teaching gig (over 4 years) at the Body Studio. I completed the second season of tax prep work, which funded much of the fun under "Travel."
  • Family: We had several great visits to Fort Collins to see our sons. Caila joined us as Derek's girlfriend. We enjoyed getting to know Aliza (Eliot's girlfriend) & Paisley (daughter) even more--Aliza is an accomplished painter, a joyful connection for me as a rookie. All five of them came to Wichita just after Thanksgiving, a time for the sons to show the girls their "roots." We had another super Christmas all together in Fort Collins. My Miller family back east is all alive and doing well. 
  • Travel: I organized & enjoyed a trip with travel bud, Lanie, to the Pacific Northwest (Portland, Seattle, Vancouver). A big driving trip back east included Camp Good Life, two new-to-me baseball stadiums and lots of family & friend fun. The annual Chicago/Cubs weekend with Cricket was in August. Dennis & I made trips to St. Louis for the annual Pockets reunion and Thanksgiving with the Hardin family. A trip to Minneapolis happily reunited me with grad school friends & got me to Target Field. I hosted another successful retreat experience at Timber Creek Retreat House in October.
  • Miscellaneous: We got new windows in our house, the last "major" necessary renovation complete. 

Loads of GOOD! Looking forward to even more in 2018!

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