Sunday, July 3, 2016

Whole 30 Postscript: Days 1-3

     My first re-introduction was non-gluten alcohol on day 1. That went just fine. I made up a new drink: 1 shot tequila, 1 lime wedge, 2 shots mango juice, coconut seltzer water. Refreshing! I had two of those Friday evening and had no ill or unusual effects from the tequila.
     I decided to go hog-wild and weigh myself on day 3, just out of curiosity. Please note that I have been heavy (some charts would say "obese") most of my life, so I have this self-image that I'm fat no matter what I weigh. My clothes have become too large over the course of the Whole 30, so I was hoping for a 10-pound loss if I was wildly lucky. OMG, I lost 20 (TWENTY!!) pounds!!! I haven't seen the scale needle stop at this number for 27 years! I was flabbergasted, because, given my self-image as fat, I had no conception that the loss could be that big. Let's just say that did make my day. And it will probably be a LOOOONG time before I weigh myself again, as I don't generally think it's a good thing for me to do. 20 pounds, no wonder I'm feeling better!
     I don't know if there has ever been a time in my life where I did not eat out at a restaurant for a whole month, but that was the case for me in June. My husband and I went out to a Thai restaurant on Sunday night (day 3). I had a chicken/veggie/cashew stir-fry, sticking with pretty clean food and no rice. It was really nice to dine out.
     Next up on my reintroduction is non-gluten grains, such as rice, oatmeal, or corn, on day 4.
         Lighter & healthier still,

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