Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Build-Up was Better than the Actual Event

     Whole 30 reintroduction continues. Day 7, Thursday, was the day to give gluten a shot. I had a piece of blueberry coffee cake late morning, and at long last, after 37 days without, I had a beer in the evening. Neither one had an immediate effect. However, the sweetness of the coffee cake made me realize that I don't want to re-awaken sugar cravings. It was good, but not good enough to risk that. And, sad to say, as much as I thought I was missing beer, it really was just OK. Both items made me feel fat. And after a month of not feeling that feeling, I really do not like it. I'm not saying I'm giving up sweets or beer for life, but I will certainly consider indulging much more carefully in the future.
     On to Friday, whereupon in the evening, I had the 2nd beer (otherwise I ate W30 for the day). I also had a massage in the afternoon, which usually makes my body, and especially my left hip, quite happy. Alas, my left hip ached all night Friday night, so I have to acknowledge that gluten is a "thang" for me to avoid. Bummer, I must say, because that's probably been my favorite "food group."
     On Saturday, as I got moving through my day, my hip ache went away, thank goodness. This Whole 30 adventure has brought up the interesting internal discussion of what food is worth what. Before W30, beer and sweets, as shown by my behavior, was worth any aggravation, even though I never went crazy on either one. Now, post W30, neither is worth a night of aching, or several nights, or the physical limitations that come from a chronic ache.
      Next introduction is legumes on Day 10...


  1. Leta, I've read with great interest your experience with a new eating program and how wonderful you are feeling. Terrell and I are just starting a similar plan, although this one allows full-fat dairy products and 70 percent dark chocolate (otherwise I wouldn't have signed on LOL). Weight loss is a noble goal, but feeling energized, sleeping through the night comfortably, and overall wellbeing are far more enjoyable. Keep us posted on your progress. (PS: I too recently bought new jeans one size smaller than I was wearing in May. I'm thrilled!)
    Lynne Thompson

    1. So happy for you and Terrell as you embark on a new plan of eating. I found planning 3-4 days ahead very helpful to keep me on track, and I continue to do that. I think it's key to really stick with the plan for at least 3 weeks to get to feeling the benefits. You can do it! Let me know how it's going.