Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Off & Runnin' -or- There's No Place Like Home

     I did my last "major" Whole30 reintroduction with legumes on Sunday/Monday. I had some peanut butter and a couple servings of beans. Neither one had much of an effect that I noticed. I've become so in love with cashew and almond butters that I can pretty much ignore peanut butter. Occasional beans are no big deal--I never did eat them all that often.
     I'm leaving in a few days for a 15-day vacation in Europe. So I'm off & runnin' with taking my best choices on a major road trip. I'll have much to report when I get back home, and I'm sure, based on past travel experiences, that I will be ecstatic to be home to get back to my healthy (W30) eating.
     I experienced one of my favorite benefits of W30 on Monday morning. A friend went clothes shopping with me (she's a saint, I'm not a shopper) and I was treating myself to something new as a reward for completing W30. For the first time in 2+ decades, I was able to buy regular-sized clothes (Size L) in a regular (not plus size) store. No Xs involved!!! Major joy. And I LOVE the top I bought, can't wait to wear it on my trip.
     Thanks to all who have shared this journey with me and supported me along the way!
          Love, love, love,

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