Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Springtime, green grass, heaven!

     I finally started the spring garden cleanup. From inside it looks like work, but once I get out there, I love it. It is work, but I love being outside in the sunshine and the satisfaction of physical labor, even though most of my effort goes into the trash (weeds, etc.). The earth has blessed me again with beautiful daffodils and the greenery of tulips I planted last fall. I can hardly wait to see what colors I bought! :)
     Even more bonus! Yesterday was opening day of baseball season. I LOVE baseball, primarily following the Cubs and the Royals. I feel great joy and gratitude at being here for another opening day. I'm excited to get to see a few games in person again this year.
     And yet another delight of this April--I begin next Tuesday teaching yoga at The Body Studio (it's the former InnerWorks yoga group) at 4800 West Maple, Suite 124, Wichita. With a new, permanent location, the directors are expanding the yoga class offerings, and we will be doing workshops, yoga series, and private lessons. Much potential there, just like the garden in springtime! The Body Studio's website (under development) is wichitabodystudio.com.
     What about springtime is heaven for you?

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