Friday, March 28, 2014

More from Tama Kieves: What's your story?

      Tama was once encouraged to pay attention to the kinds of "stories" she told herself. The reason being, "We live the stories we tell ourselves. When you really start to get conscious about this, you realize there are no neutral viewpoints. ... A loving narration leads to a loving life."
      One example that makes me giggle (now) is that my dad said multiple times, "There is NO musical talent in the Miller family." Looking back, I see that he probably didn't want to bear the ear-trauma of musical instrument practice. I proved this "story" several times when I failed the chorus try-out, and later attempted with no success to take piano lessons. I gave up and scored the musical talent by marrying a very skilled musician, and our sons are quite musically talented. (I didn't tell them what my dad said till after they were well on their way musically.)
      Pay attention to the stories you tell yourself and tell about yourself. Since you are the author of those stories, you can change them at any time if they don't support your joy and happiness.
      Have a glorious spring-time weekend!

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