Friday, April 18, 2014

Some Fun and Useful Stuff

     There's an app for that. Of course there is! This post is about some fun things I've found to be useful in terms of supporting my positive attitude in life.
     Using Google Drive, I've created several documents that show up both on my laptop and on my smartphone, which can be updated from either place, and the changes show up right away on the other device. I have three files I especially like and use daily:
     1. My goals--this file includes those, as well as my vision, core values, and my list of goals completed.
     2. A list of inspirational/motivational quotes.
     3. My Win List--this comes from Inspired & Unstoppable by Tama Kieves. It's a daily notation of successes and instances wherein the Universe has supported me. It's not a to-do list check-off, it's more powerful than that. An example: "Retirement planning meeting indicates we are in WAY better shape for retirement than we realized!" It's an awesome thing to see a long list of wins piling up.
     I'm training myself, for instance while sitting and waiting, to review these files rather than play a game on my phone.
     An app that's fun and useful is BugMe--you can create "post-it notes to self" that pop up on your phone at scheduled time(s) each day. It's a great way to keep affirmations or goals in front of you.
     Dang, why didn't I get a smartphone sooner?!?
Having more fun than ever,

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