Thursday, April 24, 2014


     Oh, my, how just the right words, at just the right time, when I am at just the right level of awareness, so much becomes clear. And afterwards, there's that DUH! feeling, which to me is an indicator of some concept moving from my head to my heart.
     I was in a webinar last night with my magnificent mentor, Dr. Chris Michaels, and he was speaking of how everything has a lifespan.  Here's the quote he offered:
"Spiritual leaders know that everything has a lifespan. An approach or strategy that used to work perfectly in an organization will go through a period where it moves from totally effective to completely ineffective.  In the end, everything must change and everything that used to work, stops working.  Those who resist this natural phenomenon will become stagnant and immaterial.  Those who embrace it will adapt to change by creating new strategies and remain relevant."
     Everything, whether in an organization or life in general, has a lifespan! For years I have struggled mightily with the concepts of failure and disappointment. This idea of lifespan ends that struggle. I am completely content with the idea of things naturally and organically passing into other more dynamic things. Oh, yes, it's a DUH!, I realize. But it takes a huge burden off my spirit, and for that I am crazy grateful.
     Going with the flow,

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