Friday, January 12, 2018


     One of my yoga students gave me, as a parting gift, the book titled "A Grateful Heart," edited by M. J. Ryan. It is a compilation of quotes, poems and musings on gratitude. The writings are, interestingly enough, grouped by season, so I am currently within the winter writings.
     Here is a favorite of mine by Kathleen Raine:

I've read all the books but one
Only remains sacred: this
Volume of wonders, open
Always before my eyes.

     We have a great tendency, particularly if we are older, to think "I've seen it all," and so we don't notice the everyday wonders of life. Or something like yesterday's (first-of-the-season) winter storm in Wichita makes us cranky and out-of-sorts. Hurts of one sort or another cause us to close off our hearts to the joys of a "common" day. It's great to be around young children who are still living in the state of wonder. I'm thinking that we become old because we lose that sense of wonder. Hmmm... there's something to wonder about!
     With open eyes and heart,

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