Friday, January 5, 2018

We Are Bubbles

     Today I attend a memorial service for the wife of an attorney friend for whom I worked for many years. Also today, my husband travels to meet up with life-long friends to eat, drink and be merry in celebration of the life of one of their group who recently succumbed to cancer.
     I have been listening a lot lately to the wisdom of Abraham-Hicks. Several of the Q&A topics discuss death, which Abraham clearly states does not exist. We are eternal beings. When we leave our bodies, our consciousness/energy simply returns to the universal, to a state of bliss.
     As you can tell, the end of earthly life has been in my consciousness quite a bit lately, and a variety of emotions have stirred. Spirit has such a clever way of bringing things to my understanding... so back to this blog's title...
     I was at the pool getting ready to swim laps and on the surface of the water, I noticed a bubble. It floated around for a while (our earthly life), and then mysteriously (who knows why we pass exactly when we do), it popped. The air that was in the bubble did not disappear, it just blended back into all the room's air. The water molecules that contained the air briefly simply blended back into the pool water. The bodies that "contain" our consciousness are designed to go back to the earth from which we came. Note that some bubbles last longer than others, the same with individual lives.
     Abraham talks about how those who have passed haven't gone anywhere, they are still around in consciousness and we CAN communicate with them. However, most of us are so freaked out and upset about their absence that our energies don't match up, because they are in a state of bliss. When energies don't match, communication cannot happen.
     I am not discouraging grieving, nor am I suggesting that the absence of someone we have loved is not difficult. I'm simply offering a perspective that may be new, and possibly comforting. It has been comforting to me.
     May peace expand within us all,

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