Thursday, September 14, 2017

Trying Something New

     In the author bio in my soon-to-be-released book, one of the roles I listed for myself is "budding artist." This is because the book includes artwork for coloring created by yours truly. Referring to myself as any sort of artist, budding or otherwise, is a stretch for me about as wide as the Grand Canyon.
     Last night was my first in a series of six classes on acrylic painting at City Arts in Wichita. Other than the mandatory art classes in high school, I have never done anything like this, ever. I went into it with joyful expectations of fun and learning, and my expectations were met over-the-top. Of the five students in the class, I am the only one who is a complete and total rookie. It is so fun on a soul level to be so wide open to learning something so new. I confessed that I am powerfully moved and intrigued by color and light the way some folks respond to music. I also confessed that the idea of having to paint anything that is supposed to actually look like something real is terrifying. I learned that the painting I love, and hope to create, is called "non-objective." I'm on it!
     The instructor spent half the class talking about the materials we would be using. He's a man after my own heart, suggesting always to take the thrifty/bargain route. Big relief there. Then we actually had time to do some play with paints, and even doing the simple color chart as a starter--well, I got lost in it, and would have spent the rest of the evening there had we not had a class ending time. What fun!
     Maybe there's some new thing you'd like to explore????
     Learning and loving it,

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