Friday, September 8, 2017

This Brave Broad says, "Getting older requires great bravery!"

     I hurt my right knee, making life difficult and uncomfortable. A couple weeks' time should heal it up nicely, but in the meantime...
     That obnoxious Inner Roommate voice in my head is saying, "You're getting older. Get used to those aches and pains 'cause they are gonna keep on coming." If that doesn't annoy me enough, it goes on, "If you hurt yourself bad enough, you'll be dependent. Then after a long time of being a burden, you'll die." Sometimes I want to rip my own head off!
     Clearly, this is another growth opportunity. An opportunity to focus on what I want in life (total well-being) instead of what I don't want (see preceding paragraph). An opportunity to be compassionate toward my amazing body, rather than irritated with it. And as good timing would have it, I have a weekend workshop later this month wherein I can work deeply on all these growth opportunities.
     Focusing on well-being, yes, yes, I am,

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