Sunday, February 28, 2016

What do you love about where you live?

     My husband and I have been talking lately about the things we love about living in Wichita. With all the political unrest in our state, it's a nice change of focus.
     Just off the top of my head, I love that it's easy to get around (if you don't think so, go drive around say, Houston, for a few days). We have great art and theater, lots of variety. Downtown along the river has transformed into a thing of beauty. We have a lot of great locally-owned restaurants. Folks smile a lot here. Botanica is amazing, as is our Sedgwick County Zoo. It's comfortable to live here.
     This is a fun exercise. Wherever you live, it surely has lots going for it, if only you'll notice. If not, maybe it's time to move, but remember, if you do that, you're taking you with you.
      Enjoying where I live,

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